How to create a WordPress website in less than $50 (including domain & hosting)

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WordPress is the easiest platform I’ve ever worked with, but it’s flexible enough to suit everyone – small business websites, online shops, bigger organizations and so on… That’s why we choose here WordPress to build the website.

Step #1: Register a Domain Name & Get Web Hosting

In order to set up your WordPress (or any other type of website), you’re going to need two things:

  1. Domain Name (a web address like
  2. Web Hosting (a service that connects your site to the internet)

To store your images, content and website files, you to need a web hosting (server space). Without web hosting, your website will not be visible on the Internet as you can see our website now. You can have  quality hosting at affordable cost from NameCheap. They many packages you can choose the basic package, Stellar for $2.88 per month, you can host upto 3 websites & you will have 20 GB SSD storage.

Owning your very own domain name looks far more professional than having your site on someone else’s domain (like or, and it’s super affordable too. Most hosting providers offer domains FREE for one year (usually ~$12/year). You can have a domain name from for $8.88 for first year than $10.98 per year.

In short – without a web hosting and a domain name (free or premium), your website will NOT exist on the internet.

Step #2 Set Up Your Website

Once you’ve registered or bought your domain name and set up your hosting, you’re good on your way!

Now it’s time to get your website up and running. The first thing you’ll need to do is install WordPress to your domain.

– WordPress Installation

There are two possible ways to install WordPress, one MUCH more easier than the other. Here we will show you the easier one (One-Click Installation):

Almost every reliable and well-established hosting company has integrated 1-click-installation for WordPress, which makes getting going a snap. if you have your hosting from NameCheap than you have cPanel details to enter the hosting.

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Look for “Softaculous Apps Installer” (scroll down) & WordPress inside of it, Click “WordPress” then click “Install Now”.
  3. Choose the domain where you want to install your new website & put other details & click on Install Now button at bottom and you will get access to your new WordPress website.

Step #3 Design Your Website

Once you have successfully installed WordPress to your domain, you’ll see a very basic yet clean site with “Twenty Nineteen” theme.

But you don’t want to look like everyone else, do you?

That’s why you need a theme – a pre-designed template that tells WordPress how your website should look. See an example of free WordPress theme that you can install:

Most of WordPress themes are free to use and highly customizable.

Here’s How To Find a Theme You Like

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard (If you’re not sure how, type in:
  • Once you’re on the dashboard, you’ve got access to over 1500 free themes! Just search the sidebar for “Appearance”, then click “Themes”.
  • Search for “Astra” & Click on “Install Now” then activate it.
This is what the WordPress dashboard looks like

This is what the WordPress dashboard looks like

IMPORTANT: Changing themes won’t delete your previous posts, pages and content. You can change themes as often as you want without having to worry about losing what you’ve created.

– Now to enable visual editing we will install a plugin called “Elementor Page Builder“, with this plugin you can import pre designed layout & then adjust them according to your content.

Elementor Page Builder – It’s about time for a live page builder, with no limits of design. A page builder that delivers high-end page designs and advanced capabilities, never before seen on WordPress.

Step #4 Adding Content To Your Website

With your theme installed, you’re ready to start creating content. To create a page click “Add New” under “Pages” in the sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard. & to add new post go for “Posts”.

– Menu? – Click “Appearance” -> “Menus” in the sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard.

Here’s what you need to do:

– Create a new category by going to “Posts -> Categories”


– Create a blog post by going to “Posts -> Add New”. Once you’ve finished writing your blog post, you need to add the right category for it.

Once you’ve created your category, simply add it to the menu, and you’re in business!

– Editing sidebar? – Go to “Appearance -> Widgets” in the WordPress Dashboard.


Last but not least – keep improving your website!

As We mentioned earlier, WordPress is highly customizable. If you want to truly master WordPress, look no further than these comprehensive guides below.


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